The IDPROM contents are invalid !

ultra60에서 The IDPROM contents are invalid 에러가 발생했다.
set-default를 했었지만 효과 없었고,
local-mac-address? true true 도 효과 없었음.
diag-switch?true로 나온것을 fals로 바꿔도 보았지만 안바뀌었었고.

검색엔진 뒤져서 밑에같은 결과가 나와서
reset했더니 정상적으로 hostid가 나오네.
아직 정확한 원인은 모르겠음.



God for shake, the chip replacement is not the only way to do.
However, to have a spare of nvram chip is highly recommended.

Many many thanks to
Christophe Dupre
Jeff Markham
Hichael Morton
and especially to Buddy Lumpkin who exactly pointed me out the other great

—– Buddy Lumpkin:
write down the ethernet address and hostid (if they are valid, all f’s means
it’s erased).
Let’s assume the ethernet address is 8:0:20:af:b1:cc and the hostid is

Then do this:

ok 0 0 mkp
ok 8 0 20 af b1 cc 80afb1cc mkpl

(that’s control+d followed by control+r)

if you still have troubles, try 1 1 mkp instead. (0 0 mkp did work on my

Your getting the message about IDPROM contents being invalid because your
checksum is hosed up.
The mkpl command above writes the ethernet address and hostid and recreates
the checksum.
You may need a new nvram soon.

Also there should be some variation of copy nvram to clock or something like
Just do a sifting copy or sifting clock to find the command.
There should be a few variations, none of them will “hurt” your system.
The command simply updates other boards in the system with the same


slamet fadilah
icm n ms tac2, siemens mobile networks

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