solaris ndd

원문 :

OS 새로 설치한 후  hme0 가 동작하지 않아서 ndd로 설정변경해봄

Setting NIC speed and duplex

Solaris is often unable to correctly auto-negotiate duplex settings with a link partner (e.g. switch), especially when the switch is set to 100Mbit full-duplex. You can force the NIC into 100Mbit full-duplex by disabling auto-negotiation and 100Mbit half-duplex capability.

Example with hme0:

1. Make the changes to the running system.
# ndd -set /dev/hme adv_100hdx_cap 0
# ndd -set /dev/hme adv_100fdx_cap 1
# ndd -set /dev/hme adv_autoneg_cap 0

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